TRANSFORM YOUR WALLET — 10 Ways to Stretch Money


  • Car Rentals.  First go to Travelocity and see which agency has the best rate.  After this has been determined, then call that agency.  Make sure you say everything from you want the AAA rate, Costco rate, American Express rate, and then, when all else fails, ask what other ways can you “drive this price down.”  Works every time.
  • Use coupons.  Simple, simple, simple.  Don’t go to a Michaels or a Sport Authority without a coupon.  If you do, you are losing the game. 
  • Call your cable company every 6 months and ask a number of questions.  (1) Do you have the best rate?  (2) Can you get the introductory rate again?  (3) Is there anything you can change, even add, to get a better rate?
  • Hotels?  Priceline.  Make sure you start early so you can start low and work your way up until you get the best rate.
  • Always when making a larger purchase – Home Depot, Sears, Macy’s, etc.  Ask if getting the Credit Card saves you 15% on this purchase. 
  • As you are making any purchase – not at restaurants, make sure to say to the clerk, “Is there anyway I can save on this purchase?  Coupon?  Discount?  Anything I don’t  know about?” 
  • (This one I am not good at, but my wife is.)  Shop early and way in advance for birthdays or holidays.  This is a huge way to not only save, but to be organized and have more time to make it special. 
  • Greeting Cards.  Trader Joe’s or the Costco card box is a great way to be prepared as well as to save money on greeting cards.
  • In any deals you are making – copier companies, car dealerships, office rentals or leases, larger home projects like furnace/AC – be willing to walk and make sure they know that you will.  Always come back, even at the end, with, “OK, let’s do this, but I want one final knock-down on the price.” 
  • Finally, always ask if you were to pay in cash, could you get an additional discount.  If you paid with a CC they are giving up some funds, so if you pay in cash you should have some of that savings passed onto you.


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