Hudson Scofield – 1,000,000 Words (or less)

** This week the transformation is Hudson, our 12 year old.  We were asked to write in one million words or less a description of who he is for middle school.  It occurred to me that he is a great transformation!  Enjoy!

Hudson on first day of preschool. Age, 5.

It’s hard to believe that we are describing Hudson in less than a million words, but here goes!  It seems like yesterday we were driving to downtown Seattle for yet another appointment in a difficult pregnancy.  On that day we found out our baby was a boy, and we named him Hudson. (This was after the great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor.)  We knew his name months and months before we saw his face, and from that point forward it has been sheer joy (ok, 92% joy) raising Hudson.

Hudson has always had a quiet, introspective, “wheels are turning” personality.  We moved from Seattle to Houston when Hudson was one.  We lived in Houston until Hudson was almost 5.  Hudson loved two things in Houston that we did ALL THE TIME – the Houston Zoo and the Children’s Museum.  Hudson would look, take it all in, and really loved trying to see how things worked for hours at a time.  For years, his favorite activity was putting together Thomas train tracks.

Hudson is amazingly capable to seek after goals and or achievements, and loves to do so if he sees rewards.  The book club at the library, the running club with the “Big Foot Award,” the popcorn sales for a gift card, and a lemonade stand on the street corner for hard cold “cash” are all times when Hudson shines through his focus toward goals.  At our house, we have Hudson do all his own phone calling, emailing, and thank you notes to help empower him.

Special abilities?  Really, you are asking a parent  . . . well, shoot, o.k., let me tell you about Hudson’s special abilities.  Hudson is a voracious reader.  He comes home on his own accord and immediately digests whatever homework was given.  Hudson has a FABULOUS sense of right and wrong, or good and bad, and this internal moral code will serve him well.  Hudson plays basketball and golf.  These are his favorite sports – and one special thing about Hudson is his relationship with Ben Crane, a PGA golfer. This friendship also allowed Hudson to go to the Master’s last spring for the week!

You need to know that Hudson is not a big “jokester.”  He has never been one to tease others, and unlike some kids he sometimes doesn’t get the subtleties of jokes.  He is practical, tactical, and at most times very literal — Just an FYI.  Hudson is a planner – look at his notebook, look in his room, and listen every morning as he plans out his day.

Our expectations are that Hudson be as prepared as he can possibly be for all his classes at Meadowbrook!  We expect Hudson to do everything you ask of him, to be attentive, and to be thoughtful to others around him.  We will be available to assist you if you need anything, and we will encourage whatever assignments come our way from your class. 

It seems like a long time ago, but as we look in Hudson’s eyes we see the gift God gave us the day we named our boy Hudson.  We hope you see that same gift, and experience it as well.

With high hopes, and 546 words —        Eric and Marni Scofield

Hudson Scofield on first day of middle school, age 12.


4 thoughts on “Hudson Scofield – 1,000,000 Words (or less)

  1. Nicely done. I feel I’m getting to know Hudson and love that he has a special relationship with Ben.

    Doug Crane 503-706-4880

  2. Wow. I’m not a parent nor do I plan on being one anytime soon…but I hope one day I have the love you and Marni have for Hudson. I was going to comment about how awesome Hudson sounds (since you wrote about him) but YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!


    Chris Gutierrez Latino Student Staff Beach Cities Young Life 562.882.7149

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