Commando Leadership!


Last night we had a ball.  I am currently at Oakbridge Young Life camp with the staff from the Southcoast region.  We had a Laser Tag company come and assist us in playing a game of laser tag all over the property from about 9:00 PM to midnight – it was fun. 

I came off the course last night and said, “That’s blog material!”  I find that I say that a lot now . . . but then, when it comes to actually have my fingers strike the keyboard, it’s a bit tougher.  I came across the Army’s “11 Principles of Leadership.”  I have added my own thoughts under each of the Army’s principles. (Seems like this went with our night!)

  • Know yourself and seek self-improvement.  It sure is easier to follow someone who is growing.  What are you doing to push yourself in this area?


  • Be technically and tactically proficient.  Are you ready to go?  Do you know how to accomplish it? 


  •  Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.  Own it!  And, own up to it. 


  •  Make sound and timely decisions.  Make decision!  Be a decisive leader – even if it’s not most popular, people want the leader to LEAD.


  • Set the example.  Model what you want lived-out. 


  •  Know your soldiers and look out for their well-being.  There are two things here – (1) Take the time to know your people, and (2) Look out for your people as you get to know their needs.


  • Keep your subordinates informed.  Over communicate if you can.  One way to think of this one – add “CC” on all communications.


  • Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates.  This is being a Level 5 leader in my opinion.  (A Level 5 leader can move a vision along by making the subordinates grow and be the heroes in the process!)


  • Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished.  As a project moves along, check in with the progress.  Do not just assume it is going as planned.


  • Build the team.  Any task, especially the larger ones, will seem smaller when a team carries them out.


  • Employ your unit in accordance with its capabilities.  Set people of for success.  Believe in your people and what they can do!


The team here in Southcoast is strong.  We have had a great time getting ready for the 2012-2013 year.  I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this team – reaching lost kids. 

A thought as you go into the day:  What one principle stands out for you (out of the eleven)?  Why?   What could you do today to grow in this principle over the next week?

Have a great day!


Eric Scofield

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