REMAIN . . .

“If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”  John 15:7

Wow, does this scripture mean that you can have whatever you want?  Is this some form of a “prosperity” promise?  No.  More than that it is a plea and a call to REMAIN.  Remain is said TWICE.  Remain IN ME.  Remain in MY WORDS.  This is what you want to camp on today.  How can you REMAIN as you live your everyday life, drive from here to there, battling a job, some school, or a project?

Last night we went to a wonderful show, the Pageant of the Masters.  The one amazing aspect of each one of these live, large, and incredible renditions of either painting or sculpture was the person REMAINED completely still.  Sometimes it appeared as if we were looking at an enormous painting, certainly with no live people in it.  Yet, as the lights dimmed for the next piece,we would see movement.  They did it!  They REMAINED!

An example of a person remaining in a famous painting being brought to life on the stage . . . amazing.

There were thousands of people watching, and these wonderful people, REMAINED.  How about you?  How about me?  We don’t know what life will bring today, but we know that all-day and everyday, we will have the opportunity to REMAIN in Christ.

Reflection 1: What does it mean for you, to REMAIN?

Reflection 2:  In what ways could you REMAIN in His words this week?  Read?  Listen?  Podcast?

Eric Scofield

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