• LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN – There is no question that the Lone Ranger was cool.  Ever heard the original radio story of “how he came to be?”  Truly, it’s awesome.

I remember one event where I did it all – the welcome, the program, the announcements; I was even the AV guy.  Sometimes I would have to wait on myself!  At the end of the night, one of my team members came up to me.  “I think I am going to quit.”  I said, “Why?”  She said, “You proved tonight you don’t really need any help.”

I was convicted.  In what ways are you a “Lone Ranger” and not using your team?

  • ALL STORIES HAD ME AS HERO – I finally received the invite!  I had waited for years to be asked to speak at this prestigious conference.  I wanted to be the person who captivated the room, had all the answers, and gave out the outline with my contact information.


The day finally came and off to the races I went!  I was awesome in front of a packed room.  At the end, people were waiting to talk with me.  (I was a big deal, you realize.)  Finally, a gentleman came up to me and said the infamous words, “Can I share something with you?”  (Later I learned that this is a good prelude to hammering someone with truth!)  “Did you know that in the 9 stories you told today you were the hero, the star, the savior, and the person who solved every issue?  You might think about showing a place where you didn’t come out ahead, it might pull some more people in.”

I was convicted.  How can you lead those around you being more vulnerable?

  • BEEN A POT STIRRER – I am sure I am the only one that does this.  Sometimes as I call someone on my cell phone I am only doing one thing:  stirring the pot!  You know what this is, right?  Inquiring about an issue, following up on gossip you heard, or putting someone else in a bad light so you can be elevated.


Recently (O.K. yesterday) I was texting someone and after some back and forth dialogue, the person was upset.  Later, I realized that had I kept my mouth shut, none of this issue would have transpired.

I was convicted.  Where can you see that you have been stirring up issues verses bringing people together?

  • RUSHED THE PROCESS – My friend Jan gave me a rib recipe that is to DIE FOR.  Maybe I will share it on a Saturday.  There is a problem with this recipe though – you have to slow cook the ribs.  You have to prep these bad boys the day before.  I did not believe her.  My friend and I bought a big box of ribs and were so excited to cook them up!  We decided to FOREGO the PROCESS.  We called Jan and told her how tough our ribs were, and that they weren’t, like hers.  She quizzed us and then determined our crucial error – we tried to skip a step.


In all my leadership moments . . . I swear to you . . . every time I try and cook the ribs faster because I am so impatient and hungry – I ruin the whole thing.  As leaders especially, we cannot, FOREGO THE PROCESS.  It will only create for a harder situation.

I was convicted.  How would you describe a process right now that you want to allow to transpire?

  • CREATED COMPARING VS COMMUNITY – We had a staff meeting earlier this year and someone came up to me and spoke some hard truth.  They commented on how our “community” was not all it could be, but our “comparing” was at an all-time high.


We are all being asked to create communities where people can grow, where people can be encouraged, and where people will be assisted to strive for more!  This person made some great points about how while we were sharing information out loud, some people were shriveling under the comparing:  Our next staff day was only about COMMUNITY.

I was convicted.  As you look back at your last gatherings, how could you have even made them more about community?

Please consider these mistakes and consider using them to encourage your own growth.  See in your leadership where you are a Lone Ranger, take a look at how you portray yourself to others (remember vulnerability brings people in), don’t be a pot stirrer, allow the process to marinate situations, and above all else, create communities where people can grow!

Have a great Thursday!

Eric Scofield


    1. You are amazing. Thank you for saying this. I try and do one a day and do them “fast” so you never know the impact or quality. You are so great for passing along.

      Blessings to you and your family,


  1. I remember when you shared the story about you being the hero in every one of your stories. It was powerful. I still remember it. We have so many blind spots, and need others to point them out. “Can I share something with you…”

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