Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Definition of originality?  Forget where you stole it!”  I think the point is that there is nothing “new under the sun” – relatively speaking.  Personally, I am a big proponent on this kind of “stealing,” especially if the idea is good.

Today’s blog is all about the ideas, gadgets, concepts, etc. – all I can come up with over a cup of coffee – that have been “stolen” from another.   Have at it – some of these ideas I’ve implemented, and some have just profoundly impacted me.

  • NO CLUTTER FRANK – I remember once following a particular CEO around in his building.  We went back to his office – I was amazed, it was so streamlined! I could not see any paper.  There were two things of note:  (1) He said that his secretary did have a file cabinet (outside his office), and (2) He didn’t write any emails if he could walk and talk to that person in the same building.


  • MONDAY MEETING DAVID – How important is it for a huge company’s CEO to keep his finger on the pulse?  Very! Every Monday at 8:30 A.M., David would gather his Vice Presidents from all the different states and geographic regions.  They would go over the #’s, the previous week goals on a report card, and the upcoming week’s goals.
  • GADGET MAN AL – Once I was picked up in San Jose and the person I was visiting had his IPhone cradled in the most strategic place.  It was easily visible and accessible for him.  His car (like mine) ends up being an office on wheels, and I was so impressed I immediately ordered one for myself.  (Bracketron.)


  • WHITEBOARD WALL WHO? – Somewhere in my life I went to an office where the person had a large whiteboard in his/her office.  It was filled with all the key essentials.  (Car dealers and salesman use them all the time within an office to track sales and internal competitions.)  So, for as long as I can remember, I have had a whiteboard in my office.


  • NO TV BILL – Bill is a very successful business owner.  The first time we met it was for lunch and we were just getting to know each other.  I remember this like it was yesterday when he said, “Yeah, we actually don’t have a television at our house, we just read in the evenings.”  I was inspired.  I have not yet lived this out.
  • TERRY, TYLER, AND DAYTIMERS – These are two people I know, and it’s interesting to me that they are both incredibly successful individuals who could afford to buy thousands of Ipads and smart-gadgets – but they still use the pencil and paper method of calendar and “To Do’s.”  I also still do this.  Tyler uses a small pocket version, and Terry, the 8.5 by 11.  I have used both, but currently use the large Day-Timer.  One other interesting note on Tyler – when he comes into his office, all his “important” emails and documents are printed and on his desk for review.


  • ALWAYS LEARNING CAROL – So here she is, retired, and can finally play golf twice a day.  What does she do?  She not only learns Italian, travels to Italy now and stays with friends, but also meets weekly with the person who taught her Italian.   One of the things that strikes me about Carol is that she is always learning.  Last week when I was with her, she was learning all about her Ipad and what it can do.  Not just the basics – she wants to know it all!  I like this.
  • 3 BY 5 KEN – Ken will get credit here, but there are many who do this.  Ken was the first one to have more than his name and title.  You can order a variety of these on the Levenger site. My card has my name, cell, and email.  The rest of the landscape is used for notes.  The beauty – it fits in your pocket and you can travel very lightweight to a meeting.


Have a great day — be looking for the next great idea . . . to “steal” and share!

Eric Scofield

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