Three Ways To Produce Disciples/Leaders

 Welcome! Ryan Jackson “Jax” Adams **  8/6/2012 9:27pm ** weighing  7lbs. 12 oz Image

Yesterday was a big day!  Ryan “Jax” Adams was born!  Ryan and Lauren Adams who are our staff in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa had their first child.  What a gift it was to receive a text saying mommy and baby are doing great – and the family is now 3!

It’s natural to reproduce.  It happens in our world all over the place.  Plants, animals, and people all carry the ability to reproduce.

Three reasons reproduction does not transpire:

  1. Immaturity.  Simply, too young.
  2. Sickness/Disease.  Simply, things are not working correctly.
  3. Lack of Union.  Simply, it’s takes two!

The Great Commission makes it clear – “Go and make disciples!”  (Matthew 28:19)  We are called to reproduce disciples – all believers have this as part of our call.  Yes, whether you are in ministry or in the general work force.

John 15:8, “This is my Father’s glory, that YOU bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”  In other words, go and bear fruit.

Why is it that so many do not reproduce?  I contend it is because of the same reasons we don’t reproduce offspring . . . .

  1. Immaturity.  We are too young in our faith.  We have growing to do.  We can only take people as far as we have gone . . . and if we are not growing mature by some of the basics, we have nothing to reproduce.
  2. Sickness/Disease.  This is some form of stoppage.  Sin has a way of clogging the system so that we cannot reproduce.  I distinctly remember an “era” in my ministry that produced no fruit.  Years later, looking back, it was my own disobedience that caused the stoppage.
  3. Lack of Union.  It is amazing what happens when we have been with Him.  We read his Word, we listen in solitude, and we are obedient to His call in our lives.  This alone is the greatest source of reproducing others – being with Christ.

Why is it that some people reproduce and some people do not?  We all want to reproduce – develop others around us, don’t we?

Here’s a great visual of pouring into one life a year!


In closing, here is a picture that encourages me a great deal.  Three people in this picture God has allowed me to pour my life into.  I met all these men when they were teenagers.  The early on investment into these lives was well worth it.  Each one has a story that is inspirational.  The impact of their lives today on not only their own families, but on the world, is amazing.


Today, here are 3 specific things you can do to produce leaders / disciples around your life:

  • Grow in your own faith.  What might this look like for you?
  • Clear out the clutter.  Everyone has something to clear out of his or her personal life.  James 5:16, “Make it a habit to confess your sins one to another.”
  • Spend some solitude time.  Even a ½ day of spiritual solitude could be huge!

As I think about Jax Adams just starting out his life, I am reflecting on the power of reproduction.  He is the product of lots of love and labor.

What and who are the products of your leadership?


Eric Scofield

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