Back to Ground Zero: The Weekly Review

If you are like me, there are certain places that tend to gather things.  There is the one drawer in our kitchen:  The Junk Drawer.  How does this happen?  Why does this happen?  Or, the center console in my car.  I like a clean car, so, inevitably all the “extras” just go there.


Today we are looking at the “Weekly Review” which for me came from two places.  First, my life coach shared with me what it was and how to do it.  Second, I read the book Getting Things Done, and it talked a great deal about it there.  I would very much encourage this read.

The “Weekly Review” is much like these two spots.  In the case of the drawer and the console, it’s not every week.  But, on occasion I will empty them both out and process them back into what I like to call, “Ground Zero.”

Here are the items to view:  (These are the items that can build up in the drawer!)

“To Do List”  “Next 7 Days”   “Life Plan”  “Next 3 Months”   “Email Inbox”   “Phone Messages”  “Team’s”  “Job Duties”   “Family matters”

The goal for setting apart this time to review is that you would be:

Orderly, Organized, Operative

Orderly – Put an order back into what you are going to do this week.  Don’t let this week sneak up on you because of an email or call from the weekend.  You are in charge!  What are the most important items for this week – you create the ORDER.

Organized – This can mean a lot of things, but how about going into a week with a cleared inbox on both email and voicemail, a calendar that is up to date, and some new lists into the categories you determine.

Operative – I use this word to say – ready to operate!  I like to go into a Monday and view Monday as a day to set up the next 7 day “operation.”  It’s a day to get ready to make key operative moves!

Here is what can happen in a “Weekly Review:”

  • Clean all the random chaos in your life that you can.  Email, voicemail, calendar residue, and either “do it, delete it, or delegate it.”  The “do it” can be to place it on your cleaned-up list for the next 7 days.
  • Clarify all the projects you have going and determine the next steps.
  • Current yourself on what is coming, going, and in process.
  • Complete any “danglers” from your lists – for instance, a “thank you” or an email back to someone with some information you promised.
  • Capture it – meaning, as you read over your lists and calendars you are capturing all the thoughts that come into your head (at least they do mine).  “I need to call them.”  “I said I would send them that book.”  “I don’t have a rental car for that trip.”  “I need to book that flight.”

Here are three resources that go into the “Weekly Review” more:


Bless you today – I am off to a call, but then to do my “Weekly Review” prior to heading into another week!

Eric Scofield

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