The Black Book – Part II

One thing I failed to mention . . . it’s about VISIONS.  I am unsure why I left this out.  The reason that these books are so great for this — there are NO LINES.  Dream away!  I guess it relates to yesterday’s blog a bit . . .  For instance on our hillside that we developed when we moved to Southern California – we first drew it up in the “Black Book.”  Fun to look back.  Also, our dream list of trips we want to accomplish before Hudson (11) is in college – the “Black Book.”

Have fun dreaming and drawing up more plans for YOUR LIFE!

Eric, again!

2 thoughts on “The Black Book – Part II

  1. Ha, I made this comment yesterday on here but it didn’t upload. I said, “I have loved watching the many visions play out in the black book.” It’s almost as if it’s alive.

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