Covenant Group

Over ten years ago a group of my friends and I decided to “covenant” together to walk life.  There are 8 of us who meet every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, for three nights.  We have only had one person miss, and it was due to a very serious family issue.

The first time we all gathered we had 4 kids amongst all of us – today, if you put all our kids in one room there would be a whopping 22!

The first year we met we had a specific program we followed.  On that first year we did the following:   a timeline of your life with significant moments, your spiritual journey, the previous years highlights and lowlights, and the upcoming year’s “intentions.”

The first year each guy sat in what we deemed the “yellow chair” for over two hours.  In that time that guy went over the latter, and was asked a myriad of questions.  We have always said in our group, “What you inspect you can expect.”

Below is a picture of two of my covenant brothers – Jamie Hanson and Chris Herb.  I met them both as 7th graders and have had the privilege of walking life with them.  I was honored to be in each of their weddings – Jamie’s I was the best man, and Chris’s I officiated.  They each have wonderful wives and they both have 4 kids.

As I have spoken at many men’s weekends I think the one thing that most men are missing is a group of men who will “walk life with them” and ask them the hard questions.

PK retreat 06

If you want me to send you the format we used that first year just let me know – happy to do it!  It includes questions for spouses, kids, and co-workers and can be quite insightful.




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