Low Predictability = High ImpactImage

I just arrived back from camp this past week where our family served for a month.  We had a great time at Young Life’s Lost Canyon.  The final lunch each week our Program Director did not show up as usual in his Commander Duane outfit – instead, as the music came on our five year old son Charlie came out in the same outfit and did the walk-on.  Let me just say this – the dining hall ROCKED.  Why?  It was the same music, same walk-on, same lines, and the same outfit.  But, it was a five-year old – which was very unpredictable, and therefore had a HUGE impact.

Many, many years ago there was a mentor of mine who said this:  “Low predictability = high impact and high predictability = low impact.”  This is true!  I have seen this lived out over and over and over.

If I come home with flowers on Valentines Day, it is somewhat expected.  If I come home with flowers on just “any ol’ day” it has a large impact.

One of my friends one time surprised his friend for his 50th birthday – he hired a marching band from the high school to come down the street at 7:00 A.M. playing “Happy Birthday.”  I think they also played “Tequila,” but that is another story!

How about you?  Can you do anything today that has “low predictability?”  Here are some ideas . . .

  • Picking up someone’s car and having it cleaned
  • Delivering a meal
  • Calling someone and telling them you are coming by to babysit for 2-3 hours to bless them.
  • Helping a neighbor with a project that they are doing . . . and they didn’t ask for your help
  • Dropping off a bottle of wine and chocolate – just because
  • Sending a card with encouragements

Think about Jesus as our example.  He did the most unpredictable act EVER.  Jesus “wrapped a towel around his waist . . . and began to wash the disciples feet.”  (John 13:4-5)  We are still talking about this act today, which proves that “Low predictability = High impact!”

Good luck my friends . . . you can do this!

Eric Scofield

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