Five Caddy Mistakes

This past April I was a caddy at Augusta National.  It was during that time I carried a very heavy golf bag for Ben Crane I made five crucial mistakes.  Here are the mistakes I made, in the order that they were made.

1.  Never throw 3 balls at the same time back to your golfer on the putting green.  (They hit each other and scatter!)

2.  Don’t forget to wipe chunks of mud off the wedge – even if it is the famed Augusta soil!

3.  Make a note what your golfers golf bag looks like — it is possible to pick up the wrong bag.  Yes, it is also possible to take the wrong bag all the way to the next tee box.  Sorry Zach!

4.  Don’t forget the one job that is the easiest — tend the pin.

5.  Watch the golfers son as he gets treacherously close to the water and nearly goes in on #9.  You could have been on ESPN’s Top Ten.

I gave a talk recently on being a “Caddy for Christ.”  I find that Jesus gave us a great example – “For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.”  Mark 10:45.  What does it mean to be a caddy anyway?

Here are some simple principles for being a “caddy for Christ.”

1.  Be Prepared.  Others are so moved when you prepare – on their behalf!  This can be an appointment, a note, a card, or even following through with something.  If they realize that you took YOUR TIME to do something for them . . . wow!

2.  Serve.  One of the things caddies do the most is carry and clean clubs.  This is not glamorous, but it is an important task.  We can offer to assist people with meals when they are sick, we can give rides, and we can make calls.

3.  Encourage.  I remember when Ben’s caddy Joel pulled back as caddies do after players have selected their club and received their information.  His last words were, “You got this shot!”  It was powerful.  We can be that person to others — Our lives can say to others, “You got this shot.”

4.  Don’t disqualify.  A caddy can get their player disqualified.  A player can incur a penalty from his or her caddy by having too many clubs in their bag or improving the surface of a green.  Think of the ways we can disqualify others – with hurtful words, with pessimism, and the biggest mistake we can make, not believing in our player or people around us.

Be a caddy for Christ.  The world around you is in need!  “Have the same attitude as that of Jesus Christ.”  Phil. 2:5.


Eric Scofield

Ben Crane and Eric Scofield at the 2012 Masters

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